“Let’s talk about femicide” – Workshop realized

We discussed the steps that would have to be taken to systematically eliminate femicide in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Including survivors and children born of war in the decision-making process – New York meeting

Providing a platform for survivors to express their priorities - Focus of New York's meeting, "Forgotten Children of War" participated in.

Missing Peace Global Symposium

"Forgotten Children of War" Assocaition members, panelists on the Missing Peace Global Symposium about the elimination of CRSV with the survivor-centered approach.

Peace in Progress Award Ceremony

"Forgotten Children of War" and "Woman the Victim of War" Sarajevo are this year's Peace in Progress Award winners, given by the International Catalan Institute for Peace.

Young women participating in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s political life – Camp Movement “1325” realized

The camp Movement “1325” during which young women were empowered to get involved in the social and political life of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was realized.