YU Peace network – Conversation with Ajna Jusić

The President of the “Forgotten children of war” Association, Ajna Jusić, at the invitation of the YU Peace Network, had the opportunity to discuss with a group of young people about the spread of ideas and tools needed to build a better future.

In the company of 50 young people from the area of the former Yugoslavia, Ajna discussed the consequences of the war, which have been completely forgotten, both by society and by state apparatuses and systems. During her lecture, Ajna emphasized that today young people need to face the present more because in these moments many corrupt individuals are deciding the fate of the citizens of former Yugoslavia.

The aim of this peace project is to introduce and establish friendships between young people from the former republics of Yugoslavia. The project has been in existence since 1993, and so far about 22,000 young people have had a free summer vacation at the sea. The cities included in the project are Tuzla, Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje, Srebrenica, Vukovar and Sombor. The project is financed by the Committee for Basic Human Rights and Democracy from Cologne. Organizations and individuals participating in and implementing this project founded an informal network called YU Peace – Youth united in peace.