Workshop The phenomenon of sexual violence in war – from youth’s point of view – YIHR Serbia

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR Serbia) organized a workshop entitled “The phenomenon of sexual violence in war – from youth’s the point of view “, which was held by the president of the “Forgotten children of war” Association, Ajna Jusić.

The goal of the workshop was to enable young people to learn about sexual education, challenge myths related to rape and sexual abuse, educate them about rape as a weapon of war and the lasting impact it has on survivors, as well as the legal framework that prohibits its use. A special topic that was organized as part of the workshop concerned children born of war.

Jusić has previously, in cooperation with YIHR, worked on the development of an educational program on war-time sexual violence, and this workshop was the first in a series from the aforementioned program.