The era of interhuman dialogue – YIHR Serbia

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights, together with the “Forgotten children of war” Association, organized a lecture entitled “Era of interhuman Dialogue” on March 16, 2021. The conversation with Ajna Jusić could be followed on the Zoom platform or on the YIHR Serbia Facebook page.

The main question of the lecture was whether societies from the area of ​​the former Yugoslavia are oriented towards the future? If not, why is that?

Through a discussion about the importance of the culture of memory and facing the past with the aim of building a dialogue about the future, Ajna talked about the work of the Association “Forgotten children of war” and what is necessary to do at the regional level in order for the culture of dialogue to take root.

Society from the area of ​​broken multiculturalism and the area of ​​the former Yugoslavia today remembers the past, strong emotions, pain, loss, victimization, injustice, but not historical facts. This state of affairs reflects the successful implementation of manipulatively corrupt policies, which directly affects the increase in violence. The processes of (not) confronting the past and (not) building peace in states of “frozen conflict” are connected with the absence of tools for building a better future, namely dialogue and joint action of citizens.

The conclusion of the lecture is that dialogue about the past is a process that society must gradually build in order to create greater chances for building trust.