Sarajevo Film Festival – Dealing with the past Program

In November, we participated in a five-day program called “Dealing with the Past”, organized by the Sarajevo Film Festival. After the screening of the film “There is still someone in the woods” produced by our friends and partners from Catalonia Cultura i Conflicte, Ajna Jusić talked to the young participants of the program, presented the work of our association and pointed out to the young people the needs and rights of children born because of war. In addition, Ajna spoke about the importance of zero tolerance towards violence and the role of young people in peace-building processes in the areas of the former Yugoslavia.

“DEALING WITH THE PAST” aims to do exactly what its name suggests. We believe that in order to deal with the numerous and unresolved issues that date back to the conflict in the former Yugoslavia – the impact of which is still widely felt today – it is of the utmost importance to have an honest and clear discussion about that painful past. Numerous initiatives have been launched in the region in the last twenty years with the aim of building peace. However, slogans alone do not heal the wounds inflicted on the psyche of individuals who were exposed to years of war suffering. Entire communities are suffering major consequences and are in desperate need of a comprehensive healing process.

For us, the inevitable beginning of such a process is the confrontation of all those involved and affected with the clear facts. Our unwavering belief in this approach, always bearing in mind the need to look at historical events from multiple perspectives, is the basis of the project “DEALING WITH THE PAST”.