Humanitarian law fund – Path from stigma to justice – Sexual violence in war

Ajna Jusić was one of the panelists on the panel “Overcoming the trauma of sexual violence – the need for systemic support”, organized by the Humanitarian Law Fund from Serbia. In addition to Ajna, the speakers were actress Danijela Štajnfeld, author of the film “Zaceli me”, and Dr. Branka Antić Štauber, president of the “Snaga žene” Association. The moderator of the panel was Ana Manojlović, journalist and author of the film “Do you remember me in slavery”.

The conference was organized with the idea of creating a practical policy proposal that is a guide for legal professionals (prosecutors, judges and lawyers) on how they can make war crimes trials more efficient, but also contribute to ensuring that victims of war crimes, especially victims of sexual violence, are not exposing themselves to re-victimization by participating in yet another lengthy and expensive court proceeding.

The Humanitarian Law Fund (FHP), as the only non-governmental organization in Serbia that continuously monitors all war crimes proceedings before domestic courts, believes that it is the duty of the judicial authorities of Serbia to recognize the need for victims of serious crimes, among whom there are certainly victims of war crimes, enable them to effectively exercise their rights without further delay, re-traumatization and additional costs.