FipCon youth conference

The CAT initiative in BiH, in cooperation with the DIS Theater from Banja Luka, organized a youth conference where they gathered over 50 young people from all over the country, and where we had the opportunity to be guest speakers.

FipCon is a youth conference that aimed to bring together young people who are interested in peace building, media literacy, identifying fake news and maintaining security in the country.

Ajna Jusić presented the work of the “Forgotten Children of War” Association, after which she spoke about the importance of cooperation with national, regional and international media. She emphasized that in the relationship between the organization and the media, it is crucial to understand that respect is a two-way street and that in this way we can build greater visibility of the topic we represent. She said that we must not forget that behind likes and comments are real people with whom it is important to communicate. Social networks are not only there for promotion, it is also important to use them for communication, for research, for networking.

Much has been said about media literacy on social networks, but also the way in which fake news and the transmission of information from unreliable sources affect (dis)opportunities in society. We as young people are an important actors in all of this, and through continuous personal training and learning we can influence a better situation in the country.