Docu-dance-theater play In the name of the father

The documentary-dance-theater play “In the name of the father”, authored by artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria, directed by Darrel Toulon, tells about the experiences of members of the Forgotten children of war Association, who are children born of war. The specificity of this play is also reflected in the fact that it is composed of three parts. The first part of the play is consisted of the stories of children born of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the second part of the play tells about children born of war in Uganda, while the third part tells about children born as a result of World War II. After Tuzla, the play was staged in Živinice, and was performed at the Bosnian Cultural Center. After playing in Živinice, the the play was staged at the Cultural Center of Srebrenica, and the residents of that municipality claim that there has not been such a great interest in the play in Srebrenica for years. The play arrived in Sarajevo after Srebrenica, and was hosted by the Sarajevo War Theater. In 2022, the play toured in Osijek and Vinkovci, Croatia.”