December 8 – The day of remembering women victims of war in BIH (1992-1995)

The Center for Women’s Rights, in cooperation with the Faculty of Philosophy in Zenica, organized a panel called “SURVIVED!” The panel was held in the premises of the Faculty of Philosophy, and the speakers were Nurka Babović, sociologist and psychotherapist, and Ajna Jusić, president of the Forgotten children of war Association.

Nurka Babović explained to those present the difference between a woman who is a victim of war and a woman who survived war and emphasized: “Even if only one woman was raped during the war and gave birth to a child, Bosnia and Herzegovina is obliged to legally recognize that woman and child and to provide them with what’s rightfully theirs”.

Ajna Jusić introduced the young students of the Faculty of Philosophy to the existence of the category of children born of war, to all the problems they faced all their lives and are still facing, but also to the problem of rape as part of the war strategy. She said that rape is a complete degradation of a human being, but also that the problem of violence against women and sexual violence today in a peaceful time is still present and worrisome.

“Building a non-violent society is a long-term process, violence can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. We must not create a culture where we blame the victim for the crimes of the perpetrator.” – said Jusić.