Workshop in Bihac about Economic Women Empowerment

Recognizing the enormous importance of women’s economic independence in establishing gender equality, we held a workshop in Bihac on this topic, within the “Movement 1325” program, where we provided young women with useful tools and support on the way to becoming economically independent.

We are especially proud of our Jasmina Bajraktarevic, a participant of “Movement 1325” and the protagonist of the “Movement 1325” video, who was one of the lecturers at the workshop.

Jasmina encouraged young women to get out of the comfort zone of the traditional way of working, which imposes a “secure job” with a minimum of 40 working hours a week and a modest pension, and to venture into the world of digital marketing. She explained to the participants the definition of digital marketing, what it includes, and what the concrete steps are for working within this field.

It was important to Jasmina that we learn what we aren’t taught in school, which is that today every woman, whether a student, a housewife, or an employee, can earn serious amounts of money with the help of the phone, a little courage, persistence, and love.

Jasmina’s contribution to the workshop already testifies to the success of the “Movement 1325” program and the importance of women’s gathering and empowering young women. With the program, we encourage participants to act in the social and political life of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We strive to convince them that women’s participation is key to building peace in the region and to give them the necessary leadership skills to work on changing society and motivate other young women to join them.

The tools of economic empowerment of women and feminist principles were introduced to the participants of the workshop by lecturer Denija Hidic from the CURE Foundation.

Meliha Klopic Murtic, who won eleven international awards for her natural cosmetics business Magic Touch, encouraged young women to venture into entrepreneurship, shared with them the experience of establishing a business, and gave them useful advice.

The workshop was realized with the support and cooperation of the German Embassy in Sarajevo.