BREAKING FREE in Ravenna, Italy

The exhibition “BREAKING FREE” in Ravenna, Italy, was opened by members of the “Forgotten Children of War” Association, Ajna Jusić, and Alen Muhić, in cooperation with our partners Iscos Emilia Romagna, and with the support of the Municipality of Ravenna and CISL Romagna. The exhibition setting will be available to visitors until December 21st.

The ceremonial opening of the exhibition was preceded by an interactive panel discussion, where the citizens of Ravenna learned more about the work of our Association and the needs and position of children born of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We also discussed the exhibition “BREAKING FREE” as an artistic tool in the fight against the social invisibility of this vulnerable group. We introduced the visitors to the adoption of the Law in which children born of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina were legally recognized for the first time as a special category of civilian victims of war.

The director of Iscos Emilia-Romagna – Andrea Cortesi, general secretary of CISL Romagna – Francesco Marinelli, and the representative of Amnesty International Italy – Alba Bonetti also gave speeches. Speakers sent strong messages of peace, inclusion, and equality, the importance of the fight against sexual violence in war, and the need to create measures to prevent this form of violence.

In the following days, we hosted over 120 high school students and a group of 30 young scouts from Ravenna at the exhibition. Working with young people has always been an important aspect of our Association’s engagement, so even now we spent most of our time with them. After a pleasant conversation, the young people visited the exhibition. Through the form of a living library, from the personal stories of children born of war, they had the opportunity to hear for the first time what this category of society in Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing.

Author of the exhibition: Sakher Almonem Stage Photographer.