BREAKING FREE exhibition in Italy

On Wednesday, June 8, we opened the exhibition BREAKING FREE in Italy, municipality of Gualtieri, Regio Nell Emilia, as part of the Festival Ubuntu.

The exhibition is set up in the Falegnami gallery, and citizens will have the opportunity to visit it until July 3.

On the opening day, together with a group of high school students, the high school teacher and coordinator of the youth program for the municipalities of Bassa Reggiano, Domenico Varipapa, visited the exhibition, after which a panel discussion was held with Ajna Jusić.

Ajna introduced the young people to the different categories of children born of war that they had the opportunity to see at the exhibition, and presented them with the needs, risks and rights of this social category, rights that are not recognized by the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the end of the panel, Professor Varipapa addressed the audience and expressed his regret that this topic is not something that is taught as part of formal education in history classes, and he said that young people must be familiar with war events from the area of the former Yugoslavia, which happened across the Adriatic Sea. He thanked the Forgotten children of war Association for the opportunity we gave young people to learn that part of history.

Audience was addressed by:

▪️ Aziz Sadid, coordinator of the organization Cisl Emilia Romagna for the municipalities of Bassa Reggiana

▪️ Mattea Gialdini, Gualtieri municipality advisor for culture, volunteer work and gender equality

▪️ Monica Righini, organizer of the UBUNTU festival

The author of the exhibition Breaking Free is the stage photographer Sakher Almonem, and it was created in cooperation and with the support of Iscos Emilia-Romagna.