The “Forgotten Children of the War” Association is the winner of the first regional award Brave Steps 2020: Jelena Šantić

In September 2021, the award was presented to the team of the “Forgotten children of war” Association, led by Ajna Jusić, the representative and president.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the fight for all women and mothers who survived war crimes. We would like to thank the late Džejna Bajramović, without whom all this would not have been possible.

We would like to thank the CURE Foundation and the Jelena Šantić Foundation for their support in the fight. We would also like to thank our partner Almonem Sakher and the actors from Tuzla who were part of the “Breaking free” exhibition. The award belongs to all of us, to all mothers, fighters and heroines who will never be alone and forgotten.

“We received the award thanks to the joint efforts and beliefs in building a better future. During our work, we created the exhibition Breaking Free, which represents the lives of women who survived war rape, children born of war, and their mothers. This exhibition was the reason for the award nomination. We thank everyone who believed and still believes in our work, because every move we make is a move to build more equal life conditions for all of us.” states Ajna Jusić.

We thank to TRAG foundation for the nomination.