Ajna Jusić, in front of the Forgotten Children of War Association, was presented with the Večernjakov Pečat award, in the category Pride of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Humanity!

During the award ceremony, Ajna sent a message to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as a message of support to the people of Ukraine:

“Good evening everyone. First of all, I want to say thank you on behalf of myself, the members and the team of the Forgotten Children of War Association. We are very happy and proud that our work has been recognized for such a prestigious and important award. As for the youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we live in the present and fight for a better future. We must respect the past and its objective facts, but it is not fair to live them. We hope that we will continue to make joint efforts for a safer and more prosperous Bosnia and Herzegovina. And finally, support for Ukraine, support for the Ukrainian people. People in Bosnia and Herzegovina understand and know what you are going through and that is why our association offers its capacities to help you build a better and safer Ukraine for its citizens. You are not alone. Thank you,” Jusić said.