We present to you the first TEDx talk by the president of the Association, Ajna Jusić.

Ajna was one of the speakers at the TEDx Ferhadija event on April 9, where the main topic was “Challenging the Status quo”.

The speech is dedicated to the problems and needs of children born of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and explains how providing visibility to this invisible social category can change the Status Quo.

“I am proud to have removed the label of invisibility from our existence with my voice and face because I am not ashamed of my life.  This system considers rape to be a shame and belonging to an ethnic group shows how severe that act is on the human body and life. This is a shame of the status quo we live in today. Global and national communities must face the taboos and complexities about reproductive violence that lead to “forced motherhood”, the conception and birth of children as a consequence of that violence.  The existence of children born of sexual violence and the high-yielding consequences of pregnancy and motherhood resulting from rape must not remain euphemisms in the resolutions of national and international political actors.” – Ajna Jusić

We would like to thank the great TEDx Ferhadija for the perfect organization and their support.