After the play IN THE NAME OF FATHER was performed in the full Croatian National Theater in Osijek, as well as in the City Theater of Joza Ivakić in Vinkovci, it was greeted with thunderous applause and the enthusiasm of the audience.

In Osijek, after the performance, there was a conversation between the audience and the cast, together with members of the Association, Ajna Jusić and Ivana Barbara Cook. The director of the play, Darrel Toulon, as well as Katarina Kruhonja, director of the Osijek Center for Peace, Human Rights and Nonviolence, also took part in the conversation.

The play was also attended by a group of young people, “Youth united in peace”, who supported the play and took the opportunity to meet and talk with the director, actors and members of the Association.

We sent a message of peace and gave support to the “Maska Rad” Theater ensemble in Kyiv, as well as to all people in Ukraine during these difficult times. Let’s stay connected! Let’s achieve peace together!

“It is a great honor for me to thank you for this touching but liberating performance that springs from a life of pain and shame. It encourages us not to avoid suffering, but to approach it. This play transforms the experience of suffering and confusion into the truth on which a life without hatred and fear is built – a life in peace and fight for the peace. Thank you for your fight for the peace!” – Katarina Kruhonja said.

Darrel Toulon expressed the importance of performing this play both because of the current situation in the world, especially in Ukraine, and because of the fact that the stories of children born of war must not remain untold. Darrel says that these children are the strongest bridge of peace building today, as demonstrated by the play In the name of father. The entire cast of the play belongs to different ethnic groups, different religions and has different life stories. With the bridges these children build, the feeling of belonging, peace and taking a common position that war has never been and will never be a solution is strengthened.

We would like to thank the Center for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights for enabling the premiere of the play in Croatia as the beginning of our joint commitment to peace. “At a time when the invasion of Ukraine threatens the Third World War, we must show how peace must be built and maintained in a peaceful age, and that is exactly what we are doing with the play IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER.” – Katarina Kruhonja added

Ajna Jusić and Ivana Barbara Cook spoke about the importance of stopping wars all over the world. They pointed out that it is not easy to be the result of war, but that they share their life stories for the purpose of preventing sexual violence and strengthening the sense of belonging and peace of each individual in the territory of the former Yugoslavia and beyond.

Radni sastanak sa biratnskim državnim ministrom lord Ahmed od Wimbledona

November 30, 2021

Lord Ahmad od Wimbledona, britanski državni ministar i posebni izaslanik britanskog premijera za sprečavanje seksualnog nasilja u sukobu, tokom prvog dana posjete Bosni i Hercegovini sastao se sa predstavnicima nevladinih organaizacija, predstavnici i Chevening Alumni, te mladi aktivisti iz cijele BiH koji se zalažu za pozitivne promjene u svojim zajednicama. Ajna Jusić je tokom radnog sastanka predstavila rad i ciljeve Udruženja.