Stupni Do is a place of great sadness and painful memories every October 23, since 1993.

On the night of October 22-23, 1993, men were taken to camps, houses were looted. Men, women and children were executed and set on fire. Of the 38 killed, only six were soldiers, and five were children aged 1 to 13, as well as a 80-year old woman.

About 450 Bosniak men were imprisoned in the camps in Vareš, who were subjected to numerous tortures during their imprisonment, and a large number of women and children in Vareš were brutally tortured by members of the HVO.

It is estimated that several dozen women were victims of rape or sexual abuse. They were present today, in silence, speechless.

Today, unfortunately, the women who survived have been forgotten again. Not a single minute of the commemoration is dedicated to those who felt the war crimes on their skin. Today, tribute was paid to the sons who gave their lives for a peaceful Bosnia, as it should and will be again, not to be forgotten. Forgotten sisters today prayed for their lost sons, brothers, and neighbors. They are forgotten, but they are people first and foremost and they will never turn their backs on their community, they will never forget those who gave their lives for today’s apparent peace.

They have been forgotten, and it is up to us to ensure that they are respected. The war passed over their backs, and to this day they are still standing tall, fighting SO THAT IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN TO ANYONE.