Stand Speak Rise Up – Online panel “Children born as a result of war rape”

The “Forgotten children of war” Association participated in the online panel “Children born of rape” organized by Stand Speak Rise Up international organization. The topic of the panel is children born as a result of war rape during the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

The first part of the panel was reserved for the screening of the documentary called “Bad Memory” directed by Marina Courtade Christophe Busche. After the screening of the film, three panelists held an interactive lecture:

  • Mildred Mapingure, woman survivor and mother of a child born of war.
  • Ajna Jusić, president of the Forgotten children of war Association and member of the scientific committee.
  • Sabine Lee, professor of modern history at the University of Birmingham, expert in the field of war-time sexual violence and children born of war.

The special guest of the panel was the Duchess of Luxembourg Maria Tereza Mestre i Batista-Falja.