Legal Framework

The legal framework in the field of human rights with a special focus on transitional justice processes for the purpose of an advocacy campaign for the legal recognition of children born as a result of wartime sexual violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Through cultural programs (exhibitions and performances), we use art as a methodological tool to get closer to each individual. Art is our creative way of communicating the topic of “children born of war” with everyone.


The Forgotten Children of War Association, in cooperation with related organizations, organizes educational programs for young people among which you can find lectures, workshops, panel discussions and conferences, organized for the purpose of building capacities and empowering young people in the Balkans.


The Association “Forgotten Children of War” works on the social and legal recognition of “children born of war” through youth, artistic, advocacy and lobbying projects with the aim of realizing the rights and needs of this category, with the mission of raising society’s awareness of this social category, and breaking stigmatization and discrimination.


Art is the noblest tool in the fight against nonsense. Through films and media, we open up and problematize many major ethical and humanitarian issues, thus breaking the silence about the terrible crimes of the twentieth century.

Latest News

“Cesena City for Peace” Award

The "Forgotten Children of War" Association received an award in Cesena, Italy, for standing out in the defense of human rights and the promotion of peace in the past year.

Workshop in Bihac about Economic Women Empowerment

A workshop on economic women empowerment was held in Bihac. Jasmina, a participant in the MOVEMENT 1325 program, was one of the lecturers.

MOVEMENT 1325 – Movie premiere

Premiere of the movie “MOVEMENT 1325” / panel discussion with experts and participants of the program.